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      So I recently bought a fuel ex gx 9.8 through my lbs. Used my trek card and got the 6 month interest free financing. The bike was about a month out at the time of purchase(or down payment). I’ve checked my Comenity trek account been well over 3 weeks amd I’m kinda surprised I haven’t recieved 1st payment info. There’s a 5000 dollar balance, just no payment, kinda wondering if it’s just hasn’t kicked in yet. Possibly 1st payment when I pick the bike up, just like there holding the money? Any thoughts would be appreciated

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      Not too much cause for concern at this point, Chris. More than likely the bank won’t pick up the financed balance until you’ve taken delivery of the bike.  Also, once you do take delivery, the bank financing your loan may receive it at the very beginning or end of their month (not necessarily the calendar month). This may cause a ‘delay’ in processing the loan, which could be up to six weeks, depending on their workflow.

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