Trek 6000/Marin Alpine Trail 29er/HawkHill test ride?

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      My first post here. 15-20 years ago rode alot (road) and since having family and moving several times, haven’t had a bike. However, had an inspiration after church 2 weeks ago to buy my wife a bike for Christmas-we live .5 mile from the Withlacochee Trail. She now has a Trek 7200 WSD. I test rode a Trek 4300 and it was like coming home after years, can’t wait to get a bike for myself.

      My situation is this: I want to buy local, which means a Trek or Marin. Neither local shops have mountain bikes above basic grade, so I can’t test ride.

      Riding: mostly on the trail with family; from what I found here about the Santos Trail, I’ll definately be there several times a year; every summer we do a long camping trip (SW-Utah/Colorado, Nova Scotia), so there will be chances to seek out great mountain trails. I’m nearly 40, so I won’t be doing crazy stuff, though not afraid to have fun. I’m also looking at buying just one bike to last me years, and that includes moving to South Africa/Lesotho (in the somewhat near future) and riding in some serious mountains there.

      Anyone have this bikes? Anyone seen these bikes lately in a Tampa/Orlando area shop? Any other suggestions? Budget-wise, trying to stay under $1k

      I realize one is a 29er 😃 I’m 6′ and like what I read about them, though I don’t have to have one (at this point).

      Thanks for comments/help!!

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      I bought a Trek 600 for $799 at my LBS. I’m happy with it. The only other bike I rode was a Specialized 29’er that was too tall for me. I liked some aspects of it, but there wasn’t enough time to really get comfortable. And like I said, it was at least one size too big for me.
      From the small amount of research I did, I would say you can’t go wrong with the 6000.

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