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      I found a 2006 Trek 4300 on craig’s list for $300. The person selling the bike said it’s never really been ridden all that much…especially not on the trail. Even though it’s a men’s bike, I’m actually looking at if for my wife (the person selling it is a woman, too). Even though it appears to not have been ridden much, given that it’s a 2006 I’d probably wouldn’t want to pay over $200 for it (or even less). Anyone have any suggestions of a good offer given all the circumstances? Thanks for the help.

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      i just looked at a 4300 series on trek’s website and if memory serves the MSRP was 599.99 how did it look it in the pictures make sure the seller sends you close up pictures so you can see detail of areas of concern that you might have.if they aren’t willing then they are hiding something

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      I would check the LBS and see if they have any of last years (2008) 4300’s. My local store sells the new one for about $425 (I think) and you should be able to pick up last years cheaper. It may not be quite as low as 300 but will probably be close. You also get a newer bike, all the benefits of a dealer purchase (usually includes first maint. and adjustments), and full warranty….

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      I personally would suggest trying to talk them down to $250-275 and buy it. I looked on craigslist Illinois and saw the ad I think your talking about (the one about the person starting nursing school and has no time to ride). If it really has only been ridden once and is more or less new jump on it, especially if you can haggle with the price a bit 😃

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