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      I’ll be traveling to Dublin GA for two weeks and rather spend the night gorging myself at dinner and movies I’d like to ride. But I need to know if they’re are any good trails at our near Dublin.

      Also since it is so pricy to fly my bike, it may be better to rent a demo while I’m there. Any help would be appreciated.

      I did in Utah, so I’m used to the bigger climbs and downhill.

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      Not familiar with any trails around Dublin, but you’re not going to find many good climbs or downhill trails in that part of GA (its pretty much flat).

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      How many hours away from Dublin are decent trails? If it isn’t too far, I could drive over the weekend.

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      If an hour is not too far to drive there are several trails listed in the Macon area and a couple in Milledgeville.

      Mable White, Arrowhead Park, East Macon Park, Children’s Home/Pig Trail near Macon.

      Selma Erwin Nature Trail and Bartram Forest in Milledgeville.

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