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      Looks like the boys at TBC are finally ready to enter the DH race scene. It is definitely more DH than my Blindside. It looks a bit long in the picture for my taste, but in the vid, it looks just about right. … type-bike/


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      Looks sweet. Now if only I could afford a new bike. 😆

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      Just get the frame and put your old parts on it. Transistions love old parts. Besides you have about 6 months to save up.

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      Goose…..please call me at home. My phone got brokeded (my rednecks showing 😆 ) and I lost all my contact #’s. I’m PM’ing my number to you. I’ll be up untill about 1:00am so no times too late to call. Thanx bro.

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      If i squint my eyes i am telling you it looks the same as the Flatline Pro from Rocky Mountain. … 566&Y=2009

      What do you all think??

      Besides this is what i am considering for my gravity bike.

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      I think the linkage on TBC is simpler. The straighter seat tube angle on the Flatline would probably make it a better pedaller.

      The Flatline would be more comparable to the Blindside. Blindsides are going for about 1600USD while the Rockies are going for close to 22. I don’t see 600 extra bones on that Rockie.

      Don’t get me wrong, I would get a Rockie long before many more ballyhooed frames. I’ll just take the dough I save on Tranny and spend it on better parts or invest it in good trip.

      Gearing up for a trip to Diablo right now.

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