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      I have entered a 50 mile mtb singletrack race. I have never ridden 50 miles let alone raced 50 miles of singletrack. Does anyone have any training suggestions? The race is 8/24/13.

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      Pedal your ass off in preparation.

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      Might wanna actually ride 50 miles one day to check how you are with that distance.

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      Ride one of these, just don’t tell anyone what it is! 😆

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      If this is your first mt bike race, take it as a learning experience and have fun. My first mt bike race was a metric century (64 miles) Prior to the race my longest ride was in the mid 30’s. I did a lot of 2-3 hour rides and did spinning classes a few times a week. I wish I upped the mileage to at least the 50 miles and had longer saddle time. If you have forest service/dirt roads in you area I would suggest getting miles on them, maybe use them to connect singletrack together. also, if you can ride the course prior so you know what to expect. Did an XTerra a few weeks ago and that is one thing I could of done. This will allow you to know when to push hard and when not to.

      Another idea is if you cannot do a long ride, how about two shorter rides in the same day. I have heard of this for long distance running when you cannot do a 3+ hour run. Do something time wise shorter in the morning and later in the day.

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      I have signed up for my first race for Sept, it is 74 km (45 miles). My longest rode so far is 38 km on a slow gravel road. My race will be on fast trails.

      I am no bike expert at all, but my good friends are competitive marathon runners, so I assume their training routines can only help me. I ride 5 days a week. Mon-Thurs I do hour to hour and a half rides. One day I will hit hills or do sprints as I ride. I take Friday off and I go for a long ride on Sat. The goal is to extend the Sat ride each week. I then take Sun off.

      Best of luck.

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      Another thing I found during my first race was not only enjoying the experience but if you want to be competitive ride your pace you think is fast then try running your pace 20 percent faster that’s gonna be race pace I found this out running with guys from the bike shop that do long races it took all I could to keep up but the pace would be hard to maintain for a long time cause it was way faster then what I called fast but anyways stay hydrated with water and Gatorade and enjoy your first experience you’ll be talking about it for days just ask my wife lol

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