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      I’m planning a trip in October in the Lake Tahoe area. I would like to know what is the best part of the where we should set our base camp !! We want to ride 5-6 days with rides of approx 20 miles. Where should stay to be close to the best trails. Any recommendations about the must do trails will be welcome

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      Hello Bruno,
      October in Tahoe is the best!
      You Must Do: The Flume trail.Look it up here on Singletracks.The riding,and views are world class.Bring photo equipment for sure…
      Campgrounds are nearby.
      The Flume trail is on the east shore..You will want to call ahead for campground information because some may be closed at that time..
      Mr.Toads wild ride,South shore..these rides are shuttles but I have done them without.Big day.

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      Weather can b unpredictable in October. Over the edge bike shop in south lake offers shuttles and their website list popular trails and conditions.

      Mr toads wild adventure is a must ride. Unless there’s a major cold storm it should be snow free till the first good storm in November. Shuttle Mr toads and at the bottom of toads take the road up all the way up to Armstrong connector. Bomb down armstrong connector and corral. This is by far my favorite route in Tahoe. Technical, fast, drops, jumps, berms. It just doesn’t get any better.

      Shuttle- Ride Kingsbury (believe that’s the Tahoe rim trail section name) to van sickle, fun with good views, flume trail will have the best views.

      Upper cold Creek is fun and I think if you combine it with monument pass that would be a great ride.

      In graegle(bout an HR from Truckee) is Mills peak. It’s become a super popular fun trail.

      October is the best time to ride downieville. Camp spots are everywhere, it’s bout 2 hrs from Tahoe but if you’ve never ridden there I 10000% recommend it. On the other side of the mountain is greagle so you could hit Mills peak the next day then go to Tahoe.

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      Live in Reno, NV now but spent 12 years in Lake Tahoe and ride there just about every weekend.  I echo previous comments in that the weather can be unpredictable.  So, unless your visit coincides with a storm, the weather should be perfect(highs in the mid 60’s and likely moist dirt from a recent storm).  I prefer riding in the S. Shore as there are larger climbs and descents.  Not to mention most of the new trail building has taken place in the S Shore area.  Other great options(this depends on your skill/endurance level of course) are Christmas Valley, Cold Creek to Star Lake Connector, Any segments of the Tahoe Rim Trail(multiple route options exist), Tahoe Tyrolean DH on the North East shore in Incline Village, Chimney Beach DH, all world class routes.  With some exceptions, I’ve found the North shore riding to have smaller climbs and smaller descents but there are still some great rides up there as well.  Summer crowds will have dissipated in Oct so should be perfect.  As far as staying, there are plenty of campgrounds that should have lots of vacancies if this is what you like or lots of hotels with discounted rates for offseason travelers.  Hotels can be modestly priced or uber expensive depending on your budget.

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      The flume trail is a great trail to ride. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in South Lake Tahoe is also fun. I also have ridden some Tahoe-Donner trails in Truckee. Hope this helps.

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