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      Just starting out, was wondering if anyone from Delaware (or who has ridden in the area) has any suggestions on trails. Again, I just purchased my first “real” bike so nothing too hard. Preferably northern Delaware or NE Maryland.
      Thanks for your help!

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      Just getting started myself but have friends that go to White Clay State Park in DE. They say the trails in the Middle Run section are good for beginners.

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      What kind of riding are you looking for? The swamp trail (inner loop) at lums pond is always the first trail I would suggest to beginners. It’s a flat 6.5 mile loop that offers just enough to let you get used to the bike without killing yourself. Middle run / Whiteclay is probably the best flow and fun Delaware has to offer. Plenty of miles to keep you happy for a long time while you progress. Looking for more endure style? Head to Brandywine. Not a whole lot of flow on these trails the fun is still there if you’re willing to work for it. If you are looking do more XC  style, Fairhill in MD is always a good spot, but try an link up with someone who knows the area. The last time I tried to ride it alone, I got all turned around and really sucked all the fun out of the ride.


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      @DCshoots2   nailed it!  Sound advice.

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