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      Hello fellow bikers!

      Visiting Canadian hoping for some local info on where would be a good spot to ride with a rental spot near by.

      My wife and I would like to get out this friday or saturday and hit some easier mountain biking trails, and we can travel as far as Sedona.

      We will have to rent gear and can’t haul it so somewhere with a rental shop somewhat close to the trail would be awesome!

      Any info would be appreciated as we get down here almost yearly this could become a regular thing for us!

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      Simple.  Just call Over The Edge bike shop in Sedona and reserve a bike.  Done.

      It’d be a darn shame to not ride Sedona after all.

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      Agree with Zoso — If you’re in the area, you absolutely can not pass on Sedona.  Over The Edge is a great shop to rent from as well and they can point you right to the best trails for your desires.  Sedona Bike and Bean also puts out some good rentals.  It is midwinter, so there could be some ice in the shady spots, so beware of that.  Sedona has tons of gnarly trails, but they also have some great intermediate trails that will still give you a real Sedona experience with all that stunning red rock scenery.  Here’s an article that describes one possibility (Highline definitely gets advanced, but Chuckwagon is always welcoming, and has great scenery):

      Spring Break Singletrack Trek Part VII: Takin’ the High Line and Ridin’ the Chuck Wagon in Sedona


      I don’t know where to rent a bike in Phoenix, but if you’re staying there and want some good trail recommendations, this article should help:

      Spring Break Singletrack Trek, Part II: Phoenix Phun, Phase One




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      If you want to stay in the Phoenix Metro, then head out to North Mesa to the Bike Masters shop on the NE corner of McKellips and N. Powers.  They can set you up with a couple of decent bikes.  Then you have two options for riding.  The first is due east on McKellips about 4 miles (easy 4 miles if you are riding) to the south end of the Usery Mountain Regional Park.  There are all sorts of beginner trails in the park, and they are a lot of fun.  The second is due north from the bike shop on N. Powers road for 3.8 miles to the Hawes Loop trail system.  These trails are a little more challenging than the Usery trails but not bad.  You can check out both trail systems on Singletracks here.  I also have left links in my reviews for good maps you can print.  The maps will definite help.  Both trail systems are beautiful.  Nice places to go with the little lady.  Now if you want to up your game, hit Pass Mountain inside Usery Mountain RP.  That is an advanced trail without question.  It is complete opposite of the rest of the Usery trails.  Again, it is listed here on Singletracks.  Enjoy the weekend and the warm AZ weather.

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