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      Searching for a trail by zip code is ok, and clicking on an area of the map is ok. How about adding the ability to search for a trail by trail name? The general search function returns many unrelated hits and it would really be helpful to have a trail name search field in the Trails section. The ability to enter the name of a city to search for nearby trails would also be extremely useful, it’s a pain to find the zip code first…

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      dude you can just use the main search function at the top of every page… the first result to pop up is usually a trail page, and usually the forum posts & etc come after that. that’s the way that i usually navigate to my favorite trails the quickest, by just typing the name in the search box.

      check it out.

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      As long as you are familiar with the trail name, and can actually spell it the way that it’s been posted (since trails are user generated, people may spell it differently), then the Search feature should work well enough.

      But as I stated, some may "label" the trail differently than what it actually is. So I can see your point about the general search not picking up on it.

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      oh haha must have missed that he had already mentioned the main search function wasn’t working for him.

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      Errr, yeah the main search box at the top of the page works really well for me. It’s completely based on Google results and you can search for anything – trail city, trail name, etc. and it will usually come up. Even when you spell stuff wrong Google does a pretty good job guessing.

      Can you give us an example of a trail search you tried that returned strange results?

Viewing 4 reply threads

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