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      Hi folks,

      My girlfriend and I are heading out to British Columbia next week and aiming to do some biking.

      From the little research I’ve done, I’m considering a couple of hours around Banff and 2 half days/ 2 full days depending on how girlfriend feels, up around Jasper.

      We’re actually going to be spending 2 nights in Golden, so wasn’t sure whether it would be better to bike there and skip Banff?

      I’ve been biking since ’89 but girlfriend has only been a few times.

      Just after some general thoughts from the forum.





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      The Tunnel Mountain trail system in Banff is fun and your girlfriend shouldn’t have any issues there. Be sure to hit Topp Notch, that trail is really cool!

      Mountain Biking Banff National Park and the Town of Banff

      I wouldn’t spend more than a day riding in Banff. Jasper and Golden are supposed to have great trails so you’ll have fun no matter what you decide.

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