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      Hey everyone, I’m new on these forums and I come from Slovenia, very beautiful and mountainous small country in central europe.. In next few months I will be buying my next full suspension bike and I am am in bit of dilema what to get. I have a HT bike and very basic mtb that has vbrakes and coil suspension. The bike I am going to get wil be mostly used on all day epics on natural trails aka wilderness/backcountry and rarely in bikeparks. So I am looking for a bike to handle pedaling all day as well descents.  So around 40-100 km a day, with possible climbs up to 1500 or 2000 meters with descents. The bakes I have my eyes set on are YT Jeffsy 29er, Canyon Spectral, YT Capra 29er and Canyon Strive. I would really like your imput about. The tracks I will be riding can be also, but not always steep and very rocky/technical like the photos on the bootom of my post. Thanks for your help very much!

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      Personally, I would lean toward the trail bikes, Jeffsy or Spectral.  Maybe a little more for the Jeffsy since it has just a little more rear travel for the rough stuff.  I assume you’re looking at the 27.5 Jeffsy, since the Spectral is a 27.5.  To me, I feel the trail bikes would be more suited for the kind of exploring and climbing type of rides you sound like you’ll enjoy.

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      First, welcome to the forum (I’m new here too). Second, you have some awesome looking trails!

      Having recently faced a similar decision regarding a new bike, my advice is to go with a long travel “All Mountain” bike. My new Specialized has 150mm of great travel and is great fun to ride technical trails on. For you epic rides, I can think of nothing better. Wish I could recommend a bike off your list, but haven’t ridden any of those. Best wishes on the search. Let us know what you end up with.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>If you are planning to do long climbs and you are not plannig on doing big jumps and riding super gnarly trails then in my opinion between 120-140 of travel that’ all you need. I have quite a few bikes but  if I have a choice between my Enduro(All mountain) with 170 travel and my aggressve XC bike with 120 I usually pick my 120 travel bike. Now I have a Rocky Mountain Element so I can change geometry of the bike in a couple of minutes and make it more slack or more steep having an option like that for you would be perfect. Most of the time geometry playes a bigger part in how well your bike climbs or descents over how big is your suspension.  I rode some pretty aggressve descents on my 120 travel bike having it set up super slacked and it felt good. I am not a pro rider and its just my advice but I prefer having less suspension if I have to pedal it all day. You will save a lot more energy and climb better on a  bike with less suspension.</p>

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      Hey crt_slo,

      I am based in northern Italy, and do the same sort of rides as you. I have a YT jeffsy 27 CF1 that I’m happy with. If I had to re-buy it, i’d get the 29er version, precisely because of the long days and more xc-type rides I sometimes do. I precisely wanted to get away from an xc-feel i had before with big wheels, but now i sometimes miss it. But I’ve done plenty of big days on mine and it’s been great.

      During big climbs in the alps, I am very glad i don’t have a enduro bike. Already the Jeffsy is not super happy with steep climbs. Not really the weight, as it’s light, but the travel and the geometry don’t make it supper snappy. The pedal platform or lockout on the rear shock definitely help with this. Overall it’s always a trade-off, but i’m happy with where i am on the uphill-downhill scale.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that with my 150mm travel jeffsy, i can ride anything my buddies ride on their enduro bikes. The difference is that I maybe wouldn’t ride at race speed, but for me this is no problem because i don’t race. I have ridden proper DH trails, and while i’m not going to win any races, i feel like i can ride at a good speed and it handles everything well, and it’s loads of fun. For the epic, we’re talking about seconds difference on the descents, but hours of a more comfortable uphill.

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      I suggest trail bike, the yt is a real nice bike.  I chose the diamondback release 5c and love it but was also looking at the jeffsy.  Good luck!

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      I have been riding both a longer travel (170/160) and shorter travel (150/140) for about a year. 90% of the time the trail bike is better suited to almost all terrain. Coming from a hardtail you will probably be more comfortable and more suited (riding style) on a trail bike.   Even on the really rough trails most trails are not consistently rough and for long rides you find 90% of the terrain more suited to the trail bike.


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      Thank you so much for the replies so far guys, much appreciated!

      Mike, thanks for suggestion, but short travel XC style bike is no go. I have a HT at the moment as well as borrowed   basic full suspension bike without hydraulic disc brakes with coil suspension and I am very much underbiked for the terrain I am and I intend to ride.

      I was thinking more towards the trail bikes. I really like YT Jeffsy 29 since I am a big boy(I need large frame with 29 wheels since I am 183 cm – 6’0) and al version with that black and teal colour finish looks so sick. Unfortunately Canyon Spectral comes in 27.5 wheels but it also looks so sick in stealth black colour. Capra 29 has 160 mm susspension but I find a bit bummer because flip chip doesen’t make such a big difference in geometry. Canyon strife on other side looks also so amazing in enduro racing team or in that bright lime yellow colour and its shapeshifter technology looks solid since it switches HTA from 66 to 67.5 wich is 0.5° more than Jeffsy and the rear susspension goes from 160mm to 130mm. Also weight is no issue for the bikle as I am used to pedal my current bikes that are quite heavy(mya HT ias 13.5 kg, my full suspension has 16.5 kg) and I have no problem pedalling them uphil for few km on gradient greater than 10%. Even to get back from the valley to my home on the mountain you climb 300m and the gradient is about 15% for 2.5 km.

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