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      We are having a debate in my community about combining trail names so we don’t have to ride 3 different "trails" when it is actually one trail that just happens to have three names because of intersections. I was wondering your thoughts on this idea, should a trail system have many short trails with individual names or should we try to limit the number of trail names and combine them wherever possible?

      If you look at some popular trail systems, it is not uncommon to have a high ratio of trail names to miles of trails and it seems having more trail names rather than less is useful as a marketing tool if promoting a region for its trails. This is great for marketing but it is annoying to tell someone they have to ride 5 different trails just to complete a one hour ride.

      What’s your thoughts?

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      It depends. Take Levis Mounds here in Wisconsin. Although there are at least 12 trails there and twenty miles of it the different trails contrast greatly. Take Upper Hermosa and Sidewinder, although they are right next to each other Sidewinder has edgy drops and wooden bridges, where Upper Hermosa is a nice decent off of Troy Mound. The point is sometimes there are many trail names and not a lot of trail, but if the trails are different it’s okay. This also helps when determining difficultly, because it’s hard to determine difficultly when at one point it’s flat and not tech, then it dives into a gnarly decent. Despite that if the trail is exactly the same but they change the name at a road, that’s bad.


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      IMHO if the trails are located in the same area and connected they should fall under a single trail system name. The system could be made up of a number of differently named segments or loops. That would distinguish between the various different routes but encompass at least a good hour of riding into a single "trail". I like this method best because it makes it easier to find good trails to visit when traveling. Of course, with the infinite variety of trails available it is not always possible to categorize them this way.

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