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      Does anyone know if that equestrian trail that runs between Browns Ravine and the Falcon Crest trailhead on Folsom Lake is open to biking yet? I have heard rumors that it is, and have also seen cars with bike racks parked at the Falcon Crest parking area, but have not seen anything official about it being open.

      Several years ago, I rode 1/2 of this trail, not realising that it was closed to bikes. In fact we asked the person at the Browns Ravine park entrance how to get to the trail, and she told us where to go. It was quite a suprise when we got to the end of this ripping technical singletrack descent and a Ranger was sitting there on a horse blocking the trail, and telling us to get out! He was nice enough to not give us a ticket for poaching the trail, after we convinced him that we really thought it was ok to ride it! I don’t know how long that gate worker kept her job after that 😏 The only “no bike” sign was put in an out of the way spot, which we never saw (until on the way out). I would love to ride the whole thing someday, so I hope those rumors are true.

      Here is Brett Bymaster’s (the Unicyclone) [color=red:4181kh7l]review [/color:4181kh7l] of the trail, he tacks the horse only section onto to the Dyke 8 trail, which is a short legal trail. Check out the rest of his site, while you’re at it, he has great local trail reviews, and he has ridden all of the local singletrack on a unicycle!

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      Wats the word any luck?? rode down to the bridge one year. Dike 8? road?Ct? Whats the trail like Sweetwater? Dorrington? Not much on poaching but stuff happens. I’v come out the other end of trails to a fat sign.

      Not what ya bought what ya got 😆

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      No response from anyone, all I’ve been able to find is that it was up for being made multi-use, but I can’t find any info on whether it actually happened. Might be a good trail for a night ride 💡 😎

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      Gonna try it on a week day sounds like a 30easy maybe go up to a 16 on the rear for some wind in the hair.

      Hope its not three hots and a cot 😆

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      O.K. did it, rougher than S.Falls. couldnt find a flow, more tech like Sweet Water. The guy at the kiosk with the Sam Elliot stash said to ride it. Word is that it was multi purpose. Horsers bought land next to it and had a friend get it changed to horse only. Matter is in the courts hands and has been for a while 😏
      Met lots of hikers and runners all were very nice. A couple of riders who only went to Guadelupe subdivison. Only went to 14 mile creek about 10 out, it flows better on the way out toward the DAM. At least on a SS, had to walk some uphills when I got out of synce or caught a rock wrong 😮
      Wouldnt call it an easy ride for new people. there is an OLD pealing no bikes sign east of kiosk just go down road to next trail on right (NO SIGNS) 😉

      DON’T SHIFT!


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      Cool, I’ll have to check it out again. I wonder how it would be starting at the Falcon Crest trailhead? That is just before the Sweetwater trailhead. I do remember the trail being fairly technical, but it has been so long since I’ve ridden it, and that was only half the trail…

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      Is that the one at the top of the hill. Where trailers with 2000 lb post hole diggers park 😆 Always get the look so we keep going some are nice some are A$$@$ don’t want problems while haven some fun. Doing Dyke 8 again holeway.
      You going to post it? It’s your find.
      Sam was cool b.s. for a while and gave me a map it does’nt have Falcon Crest on it
      Bootleg? Local?

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      Falcon Crest is the one up on the hill you’re thinking of. I’ve seen cars with racks parked there before, so I’ll give that a shot, what the heck. I’m 6’4″ and my nephew, who I ride with, is 6’6″, so they can give us all the looks they want 😼 Plus, I love being nice and friendly to mean riders, it sticks in their craw more that way 😎

      Check this [color=red:1tzdyiin]map[/color:1tzdyiin], it shows the trail, with the Falcon Crest area noted. Also notice they don’t name Sweetwater trail on the map, they just mark it as a bicycle trail.

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      We do the same thing when horsers/hikers are rude we stop and makem talk 😆 We all have aholes in our groups. When I crossed 14 mile creek there was a trail headed south up the creek. Was too spanked to go look right then maybe next time. Looks to be too far west to be Falcon Crest though. Loops or lolipops are better
      My riding bud and I are both or 6.2. We play it up BIG dudes on SS 😏 little extra fun on a ride. Let me know what ya find on F.C.
      Do Pioneer? Think you will like it. Trying to post map/maps

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      I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. My son was involved in a little school yard scuffle. Some older kid came up and decided to play pro wrestling with him. Threw him to the ground and severly broke both bones in his lower arm. Been dealing with a lot of issues with that, and sticking close to home.

      I think I’ll try the back end of FC this weekend. I have a nice satelite version of that Folsom Lake area trail map, with color coded trails, on PDF, if anyone wants it, PM me and I’ll email it to you.

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      😼 Hate bullys. Wish all the best.

      Was mugged a couple years ago by the neiborhood drunken bush okie. His record goes back to childhood.

      Lockem all up.

      Let me know how the F.C. back side goes when you can

      I’m thinking Howe to Dam across Dam to Dyke 8 out to Guadalupe.

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      I’m one of the horse riders you are talking about. Most horse riders are friendly and don’t mind sharing the trails. We get upset when you come barreling down a hill right behind us and don’t care if you scare our horses. Horses are by nature prey animals so even the most well trained horses can get upset over this. I am a very courteous rider and will accomodate bikers on the trail but expect the same courtesy in return. Thanks for being considerate to the fellow horse riders out there so we can all stay safe.

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      Wish that were true,

      I have had my car vandalized, car with bike rack blocked in by trailers, spit at, trailers parked across trail and yelled at when proceeding slowly and calling ahead to be safe. Not to mention picking up spare gallon water bottles left, trash, quick horse food containers and horse electrolytic packs taped to trees at a horse riders level for rally’s.

      Have had to ride a gauntlet of horse butts i was walking passed, while (in the woods) cigs an beers are shared and try to get the critters to kick at me. Have watched many trails be closed because they were ridden by horses in the rain, stomping out new bypass areas while by bypassing places un safe to ride. If one single tire track is seen in that area it is blamed on mountain bikers, sad but true.

      We all have jerks in our midst, but this has been most often the case, in the tens of thousands of miles ridden off road, even though I always show respect and will continue, rarely have I received it back. If we do not work together we will all lose this right, is always my conversation with other groups.

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      I’m sorry to hear this. They are the horse riders that give all of us a bad name. The riders I go with are considerate and appreciate the bikers who call ahead and go by us slowly. I’m glad to hear that you will continue to be considerate since someday it might be my horse and I that you are passing 😃 Some of us ride green broke horses who are learning how to negotiate trails and the obstacles that come with them and truly appreciate the respect especially when safety is at stake. There is no reason we can’t share the trails as long as everyone is respectful.

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      If THEY can divide and conquer THEY will, I am ever the ambassador, as we all need to be. We also should be stewards of a wonderful resource, picking up trash, doing trail work, stand strong when THEY try to steal it from us. IMBA is ever teaching responsibility, maybe more groups need this kind of action.

      In all my years of trail work/building there never has been members of any other group involved, which is unfortunate, right of use, should it seems be tied closely to responsibility of action

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