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      We all have our disciplines of riding on our mind and are truly a tough love sometimes. Im not gong to go there thats another thread but i will touch on what i call tough fun. Im more than sure all the true mtb-ers live for the challenges of riding different conditions trails will offer but do you ever just go for a fun ride from the house and see what you work on? When things get stale and over ridden I like to just do some simple training techniques to liven up the fun part. From the house I’ll work on just standing or sitting  with feet on pedals without moving (balancing) then ,off to the street. after  some warm up time I’ll start on some wheelies, which I can really lay down when properly warmed up. Then there are curb rides, not as easy as it looks but we all can do it with some practice. Last but my favorite because there is still a lot of work for me is manualing. I will go out for the same ride time as a trail ride now and then and just practice these skills. A ride like this will work you over pretty good if you just do skill work and not just pedal in the saddle, there is a lot of isometrics involved.  So next time ya see this old fart like myself riding a wheelie or riding a curb or pulling a manual, dont wish ,get out and practice, its super fun, tough ,and will make you such a better technical rider.

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      It’s predominantly tough love for me.  Practicing skills is something I strongly advocate yet rarely do myself… even though I need it.  It’s been a rare occasion where I have focused solely on skills and it’s usually been because the trails weren’t rideable.  But I completely agree that everyone should.  The one thing I have done this past year is session certain technical sections of trails I ride but even then probably not as much as I should as I seemed to be wired for miles.

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      Tough love and tough fun. Like rmap01 I agree and would encourage all to work on skills but rarely do myself. I enjoy working on skills but it is more about a time thing. I don’t tend to get to ride enough to get bored with hitting the trails. I would assume many dads are in my shoes. Sometimes I like to work on skills while on a ride. I might also work on skills next to the skate park while my kids ride. I think as they get older this will change. I have them riding and as they get bigger and stronger I look forward to working on skills with them. Another thing that keeps me from working on skills is that when I have that time it is by myself. I love the community of mountain biking would work on skills more if I were working on them with others. Makes me miss the days as a kid and teen with friends just getting bikes out and missing around. Once again the time it takes the call of higher priorities.

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      I typically do 30 to 45 minutes of riding warm ups and skill tests before I get into aggressive riding.  Mostly to get loose and see if I am in the zone for the day.

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      Have to agree time is a big factor in my riding as well.  I myself try to drill skill work while I ride. I also like to lay down the miles, have hard climbs, and last but not least have some fun while doing all above. Such a great sport and community

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