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      Hi All,

      After some advice, looking at a do it all trail bike, will only have 1 so needs to be able to cope. I’m no downhill deamon or enduro racer but I do like to have fun on decents with the occasional trip to the bike parks.

      My Lbs is offering a great deal on the 2020 Cannondale Habit 4, has 140mm all round.

      But I’m torn with the Canyon Spectral. The offer from the Lbs brings the habit down to the same money as a Spectral Al 5. Which has 160mm travel. just not sure which way to go.

      I’ve been out of the mtb scene for a few years and have only been road riding / racing.


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      Both really similar specs….the Canyon has 650b wheels, the Habit rolls on 29″ rubber. Canyon has a wider rim at i30 while the Habit i25 rims. And of course the suspension travel, and one has RockShox while the other has Fox. But honestly, the 2 are really, really close. You won’t be disappointed¬† with either.

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      RSD Bikes MiddleChild…

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