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      I bet you don’t know how important those little numbers are on the stem of your bike? Read this blog post and find out how these little numbers can change how you repair your bike!


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      Definitely an area where I could improve greatly.

      But I have to admit, I was hoping you were going to be talking about the Canyon Torque. That bike looks incredible (and overkill for Ohio) and would love to know what owners have to say about it.

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      Yep, it’s why I have 3 calibrated torque wrenches (different ranges).

      Every forum I’ve ever been in always has the debate “what torque wrench is best?” I’ll tell you, just get a new set every time Harbor Freight has them for $11, they aren’t bad and last about as long as the most expensive snap-action wrenches out there (the varying temperatures in a garage tend to be hell on them and it only takes one instance of not being set back to minimum to ruin one, a bit easier pill to swallow when it only cost $11).

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