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      I’ve been riding for 20 years and it’s that time again for a new bike!!!  I loved My Giant Anthem XO and I put a ton of miles on it, but it needs to retire.  I also have a Turner 5 Spot I leave out in CO for the mountains, but that is also getting old.  I am in search of the newest and best thing out there.  Geometry, suspension, components…. HELP!!  I’d like to keep it between 25 and 28 pounds and under $7500.  I’d like Fox suspension,  dw link,  small frame, 140mm travel give or take a few.  I need it to be fast and fun in Florida and still bomb downhill in the mountains.  🙂  GO!!!!

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      Check out the Ibis Ripley LS. Ticks almost all your boxes. If I had the cash…….

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      Looking only at dw link really limits your choices.

      Aside from the aforementioned Ripley LS, you may want to look at the Pivot Mach 5.5.  It will lean a little more toward the downhill side of your spectrum.

      Turner also makes a dw link.  The RFX may be too dedicated enduro and the Flux may not be downhill enough for your trips to the mountains.  But the Flux may still be worth a look-Turner makes some sweet bikes that can often handle a little more gnar than their category might indicate.

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      I’ll agree with John on Pivot Mach 5.5 and frames go down to XS. I ride a Mach 4, less travel than what you’re looking for but super-light overall.

      Curious why you’re tied to DW-link? I’ve ridden a Santa Cruz for years and VPP suspension always performed for me. If you can, demo a Santa Cruz Bronson or Juliana Roubion. Really nice carbon, high-end build kits and lifetime warranty.

      Happy hunting! Keep us posted with what you end up getting!

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      DW link, VPP, and Maestro are all variations of the four bar suspension, with virtual pivot points. I personally like the feel of the Maestro best. But as of yet have not found I like any of them enough more to spend the extra money. So I ride my 2015 single pivot point bike.

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