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      im in a bit of a dilema i dont know wether to get a top fule or a fule ex there the same price but o the fule ex has fox floats on the front the top fule has rock shocks the fox flotes travel further but the ex also has avid jucy brakes the other has shmano slx wich is best? also here is the link to the both bikes … pfuel8wsd/ … elex8wsde/
      id just like to no whats the best one please
      i personaly like the top fule but i want the best bike!!! thank you 😃

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      the fuleex8 gits you an innch mor travle with better components. for the sam price, id git the ex8.

      good luk!

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      It depends on what your main "style" of riding is. The Top Fuel is geared towards a XC racer style wth lighter frame and componentry, for the most part. The Fuel EX is equiped as more of your everyday, long-ride trail bike.

      Other than the front forks and the overall bike travel, the main differences in componentry are brakes, rear derailleurs, and wheels.

      I’ve never used the SLX brakes but have a set of Juicy 5’s on my older EX and they are a decent hydro brake. They won’t make you write home to mom to brag about them but they definitely get the job done and are relatively painless to maintain. They are considered to be the middle to low end hydro brake that avid makes. The SLX series in general is supposed to be Shimano’s mid-grade gear, below XT and XTR. I would be suprised to see a MAJOR difference in the performance of the two to be honest.

      For wheels, the Top Fuel may have an advantage as long as you don’t plan to hit a lot of rocky areas or do any jumping. The Race Lite wheelset is a light, race-style wheelset that will normally hold any size tire up to about a 2.3 without any issues. The Rythm is a bit heavier but will be a lot more sturdy and can hold a much larger tire size. They will take more of a beating and you can confidently ride through rocks and small jumps. If you are particular about your wheels, you will be able to tell a difference in the stiffness between the two wheelsets and you may notice the extra weight as extra rolling resistance. If you are on the heavier end, you may definitely want to go with the Rythms. A buddy of mine bent his Race Lites while landing a bit funny and he was near the high end of the weight threshold for those wheels.

      The EX comes with an XT derailleur which is a step up from the SLX on the Top Fuel. The main thing I notice from one line of Shimano components to the next is the length of time that the higher end models go "problem free" over the lower end stuff. The XT is a little more expensive to replace but I’ve bought 3 of them for my bikes and won’t ride with anything less. IMO, the RD is one of those parts that needs to be running smoothly on your bike to make it a good day.

      As far as travel is concerned, the Top Fuel has less in both compartments. But, that’s to be expected when you know what the bike is intended for; XC racing. The Pop Loc lever on the Reba fork is a cool little feature that allows you to switch the front end to a rigid by simply hitting a switch on your handlebars. The Fox Float also has the lockout option but it is controlled by a knob on the fork itself so you have to slow down or stop to set it. In general, the Top Fuel will be more responsive to your pedaling strokes but it will be a bit more harsh feeling over bumps in the trail. If you mainly ride on smooth, manicured trails, this won’t be much of an issue and you will probably appreciate the more responsive bike. However, if you aren’t into the race thing and are looking for a nice, all-around bike that you can enjoy on a long ride as well as the short ones, go for the EX.

      I am biased. Like I said, I have an older (2007)EX 8 with a lot of the same components on it. I’ve ridden Top Fuels and actually prefer my room mates hardtail 6700 when it comes down to trying for speed.

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      I’d personally go with EX 8, it’s kind of cool that they are listed as the same price, cuz i’ve never seen the EX 8 equal in pricing as the top fuel. Maybe that’s just where I live.

      Anyways, mostly everything on the EX is better IMO.

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      I think you mean sister those bikes are WSD.

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      I also have to throw a vote in for the EX. More of a multi purpose platform. Sweet bike.

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