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      Hi all.  I could use a bit of help. I’m a weekend/ vacation rider.  I ride singletrack mostly, some pretty steep stuff in Colorado ski areas in the summer.  I don’t race or do any chairlift downhill.  I’m 5’6″, 140 lbs.  I’m looking at some slightly used Trek 9.8 or 9.9’s and have found:

      – Great deals on a Top Fuel SSL 9.9 and Top Fuel 9.8.   Both look great but seem geared for racing and I assume uphill.  Am I going to mind only having 100 mm of travel if trying to be a bit agressive (no drops but just some speed) when going downhill?

      – Pretty good deal on the Remedy 9.9, but am I correct in that the extra weight is not going to be worth it for me since I’m not taking big drops or going super hardcore downhill?

      – I think the Fuel EX may be the sweetspot?   But I’m not able to find one right now and thus like the Top Fuels but they just may be too racer oriented.

      Thank you very much for any help!

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      Yeah, the Fuel EX is probably the sweet spot for you. Since you like to ride steep stuff (down, I assume) you definitely need something a little more aggressive than an XC bike like the Top Fuel. If you have to choose between a Top Fuel and Remedy, I say go for the Remedy. It’ll be great for descents and still climbs pretty well.

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