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      I am due to do my city and guilds bike mechanic course soon and have funds to purchase a new set of tools.  I am considering a few kit options and open to others!  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I will be working on a variety of bikes often out and about rather than from a workshop.  I also plan to buy the feedback sports sprint work stand and also a park 2.2p wheel truing stand, wheel alignment device and spoke tensioner


      The options I am looking at are

      Park Tools PK3  or PK4 kit

      Topeak prepstation pro (this is what I am leaning towards!)

      Pedros 3.1 kit

      Feedback Sports Team Edition & T handle Wrench set

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      The tools I own (for many years now) are Pedros and Park, and they’re great quality. But for the $$, that Topeak kit looks pretty awesome.

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