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      Hi everyone. I am assembling a basic tool kit for my bike, and just have a few staples so far: screwdrivers, allen wrench set, pedal wrench, spoke wrench, cleaning fluids and chain cleaner,patch kits, spare parts and some chain oil. I like keeping my tools separated by use – a box for my automotive stuff (a really big box), one for household tools, a woodworking box, but I was wondering what other amature mechs are using to store their kits, maybe some photos of your set up?

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      I am personally a big fan of fork stanchion lube. It is useful for getting the dust out of your fork seals and eliminating fork stiction. Fork stiction is when your fork does not run through its travel smoothly. Not only does it increase the life span of your fork seals and eliminate fork stiction, but it also prevents your seals from wearing down the stanchion’s coating. I knew a guy whose seals were wearing down the coating on his stanchions. We told him he needed to grease them up, but he refused. Eventually, the coating was completely worn through and you could see bare metal (This is a very extreme case. This happened over years, so don’t be afraid). I have never doubted the lube’s value since then. Your set up right now looks like a great start. As you start to get into maintenance, you with need special tools, and your toolbox with naturally grow.

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      Fork stanchion lube is something I would not have thought of. Thanks for that! Any you recommend or would steer clear of?

      I was kind of hoping for some advice on what kind of toolbox or bag people are using, maybe check out the way they have it organized. Right now I’m using a GI mechanics too bag but not sure how long it will fit everything.

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      on my bike I just carry a small Park multi tool, in my gear bag a full set of Allens and a bigger Leatherman multi tool.  On trips I also keep in my truck an old enduro bar bag full of all kinds of tools. the one I have is so old they don’t make them anymore.. It is similar to this

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      I personally like the Finish Line fluoro oil stuff. The bottle is small, but you only need one or two drips per stanchion every couple weeks. I organize my toolboxes by use. My big monster toolbox (It’s on wheels) holds all my average tools for home and auto repair like Allen wrenches, sockets, etc. My regular sized toolbox holds all of my bike specific tools and an extra part or two. My two smaller toolboxes hold all of my old bike parts that aren’t quite dead, just encase I need a quick replacement. Truthfully, this isn’t the most organized way to go about things, but organized chaos works for me.

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      Good question. I think you’ve got most of the basics. In mine, I’ve got an Allen wrench set, pocket knife, flat head screwdriver, pliers, flashlight, battery cables, some spare fuses, tire pump, and some duct tape.

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      90% of bike maintenance is tires, chains, brakes, and adjustments.
      For tires: pump, tubes, patch kit, tire irons, plugs, sealant, sealant injector.
      For chains: degreasing solvent, lube, rags, chain breaker, master-link plier, spare master-link.
      For brakes: hex wrench set.
      For adjustments: hex wrench set, pedal wrench, pliers, screwdriver.
      For everything else, I would wait to buy that specific tool until you need it.
      I keep my tools in a small cheap plastic toolbox.

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      Would anyone give me some recommendations for durable tool box?

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      I think a derailleur alignment tool is worth having. Even a good mechanic’s eyeball alignment can’t compare.

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      Aside from the tools I carry on my bike like, tire levers, small pair of pliers, patch kit, and a multi tool. I like to have a dedicated box on my shop where I can quickly find tools for my bike. I have a set of T-Handle Allen’s close by. I have a bin of lubes, degreaser, and carbon assembly paste. I have a small metal box with standard Allen wrenches as well as 1/4 inch drive Allen’s. Another set of tire levers, chain breaker tool, master link pliers, a shock pump, tape measure that reads inches and MM. I spare parts bin, a place where I keep items I’ve upgraded, extra valve caps, valve cores, tubes, and I also keep a small bin of GoPro mounts. I still would like to expand a little bit and get some tools for cassette removal and hanger straightening tools.

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      Thanks for your advices. I found a suitable toolbox for me.

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      I use a cardboard box. When it wears out, I move on. 🙂

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