Tokul 3, Fuse Comp or Cujo 2

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      I have narrowed my next bike purchase to one of these three. They all come in about the same price (Fuse is 2016; the others are 2017). All are ‘Plus’ bikes and seem to have similar features. Wondering if anyone has thoughts, pros or cons for any?

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      Ya was looking at the Fuse Comp as well, my local shop had a deal on one… I chose not to go that direction ’cause I wanted to go/get a full suspension.. One pro of plus bikes are that lower tire pressures can be run, consequently increasing traction.

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      Not sure I can get a solid FS bike at the $1000+/- price point unless used, then it might be luck of the draw…

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      Sorry! I wasn’t suggesting that you get a full sus! I’d say probably anyone of these bike would be awesome!

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