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      Has anyone got any experience of riding 28 spoke wheels as a 100kg rider? I’m not interested in the weight saving it’s just I’ve been offered some 28 spoke wheels for £100 they are 532 Dt Swiss In 27.5, 30mm internal.I’d be running 2.5 on front and 2.4 tyres. I’m beginner learning ride single track, bike parks with flow and some technical, jumps, drops etc. I’m worried about wrecking them easily and wasting the money I’m saving for some DT Swiss 511 with 32 spokes. Any thoughts appreciated.

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      Here’s how a less-durable wheel gets built.
      -lightweight aluminum rim
      -28 spokes
      -straight 15 gauge spokes
      -aluminum nipples
      -radial or 2-cross lacing pattern

      Bike companies love these wheels because they are light-weight and cheap and they come on many inexpensive bikes. Here are all the ways that I have damaged less-durable wheels and I weigh 75kg(165 pounds).
      -broken spoke
      -bent rim
      -broken nipple
      -cracks around spoke holes in rim
      -wheel won’t stay true and needs frequent truing
      -wheel too flexible laterally

      Here is how a more-durable wheels gets built.
      -stouter stronger aluminum rim (weighs 50-100gm more than equivalent light-weight rim)
      -32 spokes
      -double-butted 14/15 gauge spokes
      -brass nipples
      -3-cross lacing pattern

      I don’t think I have ever damaged a more-durable wheel except maybe needing to true the rear wheel every few seasons.

      Here’s the thing. A heavier person who rides infrequently and lightly on smoother trails might get less-durable wheels to last many years. A lighter person who rides frequently and aggressively on rough rocky trails might quickly damage even the more-durable wheels. It’s not just about weight. It’s also about riding style, trail conditions, and how often you ride. I also think that you can get wheels to last longer if you avoid running too-low pressure. Wheels that frequently get bottomed out by a too-low pressure tire don’t last long.

      Given your weight and how you intend to use them, I think you would benefit from the more-durable wheels.

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