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      I don’t know how many of you use ODI’s lockon grips here, but I use them on all three of my bikes, and unfortunately for us they use cheap, stainless coated steel bolts to fasten said grips. Well, for me, as I live in Florida where it’s quite humid during mid months of the year, my grip bolts like to rust. I’ve been looking around the net for an answer to this perplexing quandary. My first problem was finding proper dimensions for the screws, and seemingly no one had a straight answer that I could find. I had to resort to measuring my bolts with a measure tape and came up with M3x10mm. I was slightly wrong until I remeasured them with a new pair of calipers that I had recently purchased. The actual dimensions, and these are digitally verified, are M3.5mm thread thickness (wide) and 10mm long. This is the measurement of the general bolts that they ship with all lockon clamps. Now I DID actually find a company in Canada that produces a titanium set of bolts that resists rust at Toronto Cycles. I’ve ordered 3 sets of these, and they cost 10 US dollars for a set of 4 bolts and cost 5 dollars shipping. I hope this helps some people as it did me. I shall include the link below. Find the ODI grip bolts at the bottom left of the page.


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      Interesting, never really thought about replacing lock-on grip bolts but it makes sense, especially if you sweat a lot on the bike. My stem bolts tend to get rusted for the same reason–sweat.

      Come to think of it, it would be nice to get some cleat bolts since these tend to come into contact with water pretty often. At least the cleats themselves are usually made of brass.

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      While titanium is great, wouldn’t full stainless steel work and be much cheaper?

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      Stainless steel would work quite well, except at the time I was unable to find accurate dimensions that would fit ODI’s grips. I couldn’t find a single post anywhere that had accurately measured said screws in either material. It was a minor miracle that I found these titanium ones and as such, I bought 3 sets of them and today I replaced the rubbish steel factory screws with my titanium ones. If someone can point others to a good and reliable stainless steel option, I would happily advocate that option should someone be able to measure their screws and post a stainless venue that would offer screws in said material. Unfortunately I’m a believer in solid options, and I have note seen an option in stainless steel in this application of screws.

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      I found these, $9 for 50 stainless, http://www.accuscrews.co.uk/pozi-pan-head-screws/9286-SPP-M3-5-10-A2.html?google_shopping=1&c=2&gclid=Cj0KEQiA1dWyBRDqiJye6LjkhfIBEiQAw06ITtDyMa6JNL4y06T2py3D8xqb9no_007Os8QwGn7nYhMaAoLq8P8HAQ  but I cannot find any with allen or torx heads in that size, which would be preferable.


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      Man, I hate those little screws! I’ve had to cut grips off in the past because the screws were fused to the clamps. It’s good to see that some grip makers are going with larger heads on the screws, like 3mm instead of 2.5mm. That’s just too small for the amount of torque needed to keep grips from slipping. Although, I think I’d get a new pair of grips before spending $15 to replace the screws.

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      I’ve stripped screws and my cheap 2.5 allens out from this. Hope the $$ bolts work out for you. Might have to look at this in the future.

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      You can always try Ace Hardware.  They care lots of metric stainless bolts.  I’ve picked up various bits there.  Also you can check out Fastenal or McMaster-Carr (online).  Both might have in stock titanium bolts and if not, can order them.

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