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      Finally, the wet sloppy sand and clay in South Carolina is drying out. Next up, hard packed clay and dry sandy clay power. Anyone have suggestions for tires?

      Maxxis Arden and Ikon have served me well. Just curious as to what others prefer for this type of track.

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      Check out the new e thirteen semi slick tire. Its a really fast rear tire for hardpack, with big cornering knobs and it has a gravity casing so thats always a plus. The SS Rear with a TRS LG1 DH front tire is my ideal summer setup … a very fast rolling pair.

      (Both tires linked below)

      Semi-Slick Tire

      LG1 Downhill Tires

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      Personal opinion, but those E13 tires are probably a bit too heavy / heavy duty for groomed clay hardpack trails of SC. I don’t know where in SC you are, but I have ridden FATS, Modoc and several trails in SC, as well as all over NC and GA. Unless you are in the mountains, that Ardent/Ikon setup should serve you well. If you wanted a bit more traction, you could put a Minion DHF up front and move the Ardent to the rear. The Forekaster 2.35 is also a good tire in the front or rear.

      I prefer the Schwalbe Rock Razor over the E13, they are very similar tires but the Rock Razor is 170 grams lighter in even the TRS casing, and both are true to size 2.35″ – granted, the E13 is a burlier tire, just probably not necessary unless you are riding out in the mountains of west SC.

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      Conti X-King or Race Kings

      or the WTB Riddler

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