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      Just need some suggestions.  I’m riding a fully rigid mountain bike and I have two sets of tires to choose from.  I have a set of renegades 2.30 and a set of racing Ralph’s. The front racing Ralph is a 2.10 and the rear is a 2.25.  Any suggestions and to what’s better?

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      If you’re running fully rigid, I would go with the widest tire you can fit. The extra volume will help take the edge off (a little bit).

      The tread patterns on both are pretty comparable.


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      Completely agree, a wider tire will give you a better ride.

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      +1 on the widest tires. Convert to tubeless and then you can run even lower pressure for increased ride comfort

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      I agree with others here on running wider tires to get the most out of the suspension benefits of a tire….

      However, considering you are riding fully rigid, maybe suspension is not a concern….If speed is your thing, & you don’t care about suspension, & your trails are not technical, and relatively packed…Then in your case maybe you do want the skinny tites.

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