Tire Setup for Oleta River State Park (South Florida)

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      Hi All,

      I would like to get your comments/opinions on tire setup and experience at Oleta State River Park. My dilemma is the following, I just recently purchased a new Specialized Epic for some Adventure Races that take place at this park but the stock tires are just not gripping the terrain. Oleta has some trails that have large rocks and lots of slick roots sticking out. I would like to maintain the least amount of resistance possible, since I intend to race and I mostly ride aggressively, without compensating control. Thanks in advance.

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      Alot of guys down here use Kenda navegals. Ive seen alot of people use 2.3 front and 2.1 rear. Also If your going to race and its not muddy guys use kenda navegal front and kenda small block 8 rear. There are alot of combos. Check out http://www.clubmud.com Thats the local club that maintains the trails. Lots of good info.

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