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      So I am converting a bike to tubeless and my full suspension has Bontrager tlr sealant and wondering if i can mix this with Stan’s? i know they both have to be latex to work but wanted to get some assistance before I add the Stan’s to the Bontrager.


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      I had a similar issue this last where I had bought a bike that was built with Stan’s but my LBS uses and Orange and that is what I had on hand in my garage. The two sealants may work fine in the tube. Or the mixture may have a chemical reaction that may cause clumping and defeat the designed purpose. Unless you can find a specific test that claims they are fine together I would clean the Bontrager out. You only have to pop one bead off which is much better than dismounting the whole tire. I used an old towel and dried old sealant out, re-seated tired, and added new sealant. You might be fine but I would opt to know my bike is ready to ride and not discover mid ride that the two different sealants don’t work.

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      Thanks for the info. As i thought this as well but researching it seems no one has been mixing sealants since a couple of years ago so i wanted to ask because my LBS said it was okay without really cheking but i assume that they do this quite frequently so they havent heard on any issues. the only thing that was verified is you need to make sure they are both latex based. which they are but i guess bontrager is a bit differrent where the sealant doesnt dry out as fast as Stan’s does so wanted to verify first.

      thanks again

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      If they’re a similar consistency I’ll happily mix them without worrying. No issues so far.

      When the old sealant is something weird and goopy like the Finish Line or Muc Off stuff then I’ll clean it out first.

      Honestly I’ve had the best results with Stans (I’m a bike shop mechanic – we order hundreds of bottles of the stuff at a time), and so have most people I know.

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      Dump the old stuff out, and put the new stuff in -> go ride.

      Don’t waste time wiping/scrubbing/sanitizing the tire. Don’t overthink it -> go ride.

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