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      Hello everyone. I have a question as to tires and whether I should replace what I have or run what I got . Recently traded my Trek Madone for a Titus racer x (2005) . It is currently wearing a set of Wetscreams that are intended according to the manufacturers web site as DH tires . I will be riding XC most of the time though some of the places will have quite a bit of DH areas but not alot of rock gardens but some roots /mud / logs and the like. I am not looking to race ( yet lol ) but will be looking to gain skills and build my endurance . I am an old dog but still got plenty of fire and am looking forward to getting back into MTB after many years away. Any suggestions would be welcome. I live in central NY so if any one wants to hook up to talk or ride that would also be great. Happy Trails folks and thanks for your help. 😎

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      The Kenda Nevgal’s have been the best tire I have run in terrain/conditions like where your at, great all around tread.
      I have found they have limitations and get pretty chewed up when it comes to the very dry/sharp rocks and terrain of the SW though and have switched over to some generic WTB’s to take the abuse. I would recomend them for everywhere but here. Some guys have bought the tubless Nevgal’s and ran tubes in them just because they are made out of a stiffer rubber compound but I found that to be a pretty heavy combination.

      Congrats on the new bike! 😃

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