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    Hello all,

    So i have a DiamondBack Mason trail, it has Blanchard 38 wheels/ChoaYang 27.5×3.0 tires I want to change tires to Maxxis rekons 27.5 x2.8  will the smaller size cause me probs on my rims?

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    Just my opinion but I don’t see dropping to 2.8 being a problem on that size rim.  Plus tire sizes differ by model and manufacturer, the rekons could be the same size or close to the 3.0’s your replacing.

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    Shouldn’t be an issue.

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    thankyou guys i feel more confident in making the purchase of the maxxis tire now!

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    The Rekon is one of my favorite tires.

    I think you will like it!

    I run them on my 27.5+ wheels with the 2.8’s and on my 29er set up with the 2.4’s.

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