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      Had my second ride with FTD tire insert on the rear of my plus size hardtail and all i have to say is WOW! My favorite trails consist of rocks and roots that most would want a full suspension bike for.TheĀ  half of pound it adds is a amazing upgrade I’ll let you know. It doesn’t make the bike bullet proof as I was still able to ping a rim BUT it certainly puts you on a different level. The ride is so much better as the sidewalls are stiff and it takes the bounce out of the rough stuff as well. For the worrying about what your about to crush , well lets say if your good on a hardtail it gives you the catch me if you can mentality. Equally as good for bombing climbs that are rim bangers. Line choice as always is still important its just a new level of fun and trust me, the people on full sus will be talking when your pulling on them or catching them. Cant imagine what it would do on a full sus. I would guess and say your are bulletproof.

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      I am not familiar with this insert. How was the install? When it comes to change tires will this be difficult to deal with? I have been watching tire inserts and have not been convince the hassle of install or what I would have to deal with changing tires are worth money and time they require.

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      Super easy to install. If you can do tube these are easier. FTD was the same concept as the bibs in dirt bike tires which i also use and are amazing as well. They add a small amount of weight is only downside i can think of but its nothing compared to how much better the bike works.

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      Super easy to install, much easier than a tube. Check out FTD site and watch a vid. There are a lot of other inserts out there butĀ  price and design are hard to beat with this one.

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