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      So I bought some CST Caballeros (actually they are bell tires from Wal-Mart) and was wondering what the best way to mount the rear tire is. I mounted the front for the lowest rolling resistance, but don’t know if I should do the same for the rear or mount the rear to get more bite by having the blocky side of the tread digging in. Will mounting the more aggressive way significantly reduce the life of the tire?

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      Post the rear like you did the front, I use these and have 100 % confidence

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      Cool, thanks.

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      It depends on the tire. Is there any recommendation written right on the tire? Some tires are designed to roll fast in one direction and have more traction in the other, some tires it doesn’t matter which way you mount them, and others you are only supposed to mount one direction.

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      There are no recommendations on the tires, they are Bell Kingpin 29X2.25 from Wal-mart. They are just re-branded CST Caballeros 60tpi folding bead though. They still have CST embossed on the sidewall. My only concern was if the tires would rear considerably faster by mounting the rear in the manner where they would have most traction but least rolling resistance.

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      Wow, Walmart is selling 29er tires?

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      They sure are and folding bead too. They where $26.99 here in the St. Louis market.

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      "Stl_Greaser" wrote

      Will mounting the more aggressive way significantly reduce the life of the tire?

      Significantly, no. Will it roll slower, yes.

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      Ok, thanks. I am just going to go with the lower rolling resistance for now and if I start slipping the rear I may spin it around. This should be a big upgrade from the Bontrager 29-2’s that came on my bike from the factory anyways!!

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      I was just checking out some reviews on these tires, and I’d say definitely go with the least rolling resistance direction on them. They are supposed to have great grip, so you should be fine! What type of terrain do you normally ride in? Muddy? Hard pack?

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      I stay off the trails if they are muddy at all, don’t want to damage them. So I ride mostly hardpack, with some sandy sections and a depending on the trial system some rocky and loose sections/climbs.

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      If they are not bi-directional tires (will be stamped/marked on tires), then mount them in the like direction (front/rear). If you need more traction in the rear or you get slippage, then turn the the other way if you feel that will help, but really don’t seeing that as any real advantage though if they are not bi-directional tires. As per rolling resistance, it is really a moot thing, as there will not be that much difference that you will positively feel to have any effect on your pedaling. As long as you are not getting any slippage, and getting positive grip how you are running them, by all means stick with it bro. 😄

      Some good all around tires that are cheaper are the WTB Velociraptors. The rear tire is bi-directional and work well in all types of terrain.

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      For $26 or $27 a tire I wouldn’t be too concerned about direction for best wear………….. 😆

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      Well, I mounted them both for best rolling resistance and took my first ride today. First off all I can say is "Wow", what an improvement over the stock Bontragers that came on my bike. These things climb like a Billy goat! And corner like a GP bike! Now I know there are much better tires out there buy so far I have only ridden with Bontragers 29-1 29X2.10 and these Bell Kingpin 29X2.25. But the difference in feel is amazing. Rode a good all around trail system here (Greensfelder park) with fast flowy sections, tight switch backs and some pretty technical areas with a few drops too. Both front and back where inflated to 30psi before the ride and stayed there to the remainder. The extra volume in the tires made it feel like I added 10 or 20mm to the suspension, I rode much faster with gobs more confidence than I ever had with the Bontragers. I am not the strongest climber but only spun the tire once coming out of a creek crossing with a steep bank covered with leaves, but that was to be expected! Granted for the price I cannot complain other then I will have to stick to tubes if I keep running these tires!

      Thanks again for everyone’s input toward my initial question, it was all very helpful knowledge.

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      Good to hear the tires worked out and the ride worked out even better.

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