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      I currently use Cranks Bros Eggbeaters and vintage Shimano M535’s. I have also read the Singletracks reviews, which I devote a lot of trust in. I am currently looking at the Shimano M520 and M530 pedals. I am certain they are both good pedals for the money. I would like some input on if the M530 platforms  actually help in clip engagement, shoe wear and stability on cornering and ascents vs the M520 or Eggbeaters.


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      There are a few pedals out there that are platform with clipless thingy in the middle. It does help locking in before you become accustomed to the pedal but as with any such as the eggbeater, it does become autonomous over time. I know of a few peeps that love the hybrid of platform/clipless.

      After becoming addicted to trials, the clipless went away since that is a guaranteed major hospital bill.


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      I’m a big fan of the M530, especially over the M520. The extra cage helps clipping in a lot in terms of finding the pedal and adds a bit of extra support. The major benefit for me though is providing just enough platform to put your foot on if for example you unclip through a technical section and don’t have time to clip back in again. There’s just enough there to stay safely on the pedals.

      The new XT trail pedals are even better on that last point as there’s a bigger more textured platform, but the M530 is still adequate.

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      Thanks Sam! I did not realize the large amount of options available for clipless MTB pedals until I started looking. After a considerable amount of research, I am definitely going with a Shimano clipless platform and still keep my regular platforms to swap out for the risky stuff.

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