Tijuana Mexico – Is it just me?


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      I just returned from a trip to Tijuana and couldn’t believe what I saw. The landscape is very hilly and there are tons (I mean TONS) of singletracks all over the place. They are trails that the locals use to get from remote villages down the mountains into the streets of the town but….when you take these trails and combine them with what really is a super-sick urban scene I had to see if anyone else has seen this. The streets are crazy. Hills and ramps and sidewalks that drop off and chunks of concrete and dirt mounds. It’s really a great looking place to do some riding. I am seriously considering taking my bike down and trying it out.

      Wondering if anyone else knows what I’m talking about.

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      Never thought of riding in Tijuana! Better keep a close eye on the bike and gear!

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      all of the advice i get from people as far as visiting mexico is stay inside the cities, venturing out on side trails and stuff could be the last thing you ever do. there are cartels down there that love to kidnap americans and sell them back to their own governments or hold them for ransom or kill them. it’s in the news all the time.

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      Or you might run into a Coyote guiding a group of people

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      It all sounds good, but dude, I would not go near the border during current violent times.
      As a Mexican myself, I would not recommend hanging out on the borders for any reasons.

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      Like we said in tijuas pinches ignorants.

      I have been riding my bike in those trail and meat tons of gringos riding there bikes and any of theme had any issue with narcos or coyotes, so stop that shit I think violence happens in tijuas as the same in USA

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