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      Do you have any thoughts about buying one of the end-of-season deals on bikes from Winter Park Trestle? They have some nice deals right now. I now that you are risking many crashes by newbies taking out an all-mountain or DH bike but on the other hand, there  are mechanics on site to keep them clean and tuned up. Also, they throw in a season pass for next season!

      If you have bought one, i’d love to hear your experience.

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      I dunno, I rented from a shop near Park City at the end of the season this year.  It had been abused pretty good.

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      Buyer beware.  Even though the bikes are almost new,  they could be heavily used by the end of the summer season.  Think about riders going up the ski lift and riding down over and over in a single day.  In addition, these bikes are likely ridden almost every day of the summer season.    Rented bikes could be badly misused.  As for the bike shop, if they know that the rental bikes will be sold at the end of the season, they would likely only do the minimum amount of maintenancn essary.  If you buy one of these bikes, you should assume that the bike needs a fork and shock rebuild and that the chain, cassette, and chainring also need replacing.  Also assume that the bike has as many hard miles on it as a typical rider might put on their own bike in about 3 years.   So how much is a 3 year old bike worth?   Remember, you’re buying a high mileage, badly misused bike. After you buy the bike do you have enough money left over to do the deferred maintenance.

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        Really appreciate the feedback, Bike Nerd.  Your point about buying a 3-year old bike is a really good way of framing it.

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      I’d say it depends on the bike you’re looking at. They certainly have some that are used or sought after for rental more than others. I’d ask them for a receipt that it was tuned up, and bring it back for any issues. A $300 pass is a pretty sweet incentive though, and they have some good bikes there.

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      Agreed-that season pass is a really nice incentive and pretty much offsets paying sales tax for a used bike.

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