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      Wow, I’m amazed And thankful  with the responses on my dumb questions,

      so I got a trek rosco 8 on order, got a tailgate pad, riding my city cruiser daily to get my legs and lungs ready. Now I’m in search of protection,

      1)what’s a good helmet? I was looking at the bontregger (spelling?) at my local shop

      2) I like riding in shorts but was thinking the Fox shin/knee sleeves for abrasion protection, good choice??

      3) Same fox elbow forearm sleeves for arms. Good choice??

      4) motocross style gloves or is there a difference with mtb gloves?


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      I think you will find any and all answers to be personal preferences, but here are mine.

      • Most “half shell” helmets made for MTB are ok, I prefer one that has MIPS or some other rotational system.  If it fits, and feels comfortable then great. Think about ventilation, especially if you sweat a lot.
      • As far as knee and shin pads, they can be great. I find them to be very hot (I do sweat a lot) so I find that I usually only wear them on really tough trails or ones I’m unfamiliar with.
      • Same for elbow pads
      • Gloves: In the summer I usually opt for thin gloves like those from handup gloves simply again because I sweat a lot. They aren’t padded on the knuckle areas but do a good job; but all other seasons, I use glove like Fox Dirtpaw gloves because catching a knuckle, on overhanging brush or branches isn’t fun.

      Hope this helps

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