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      Wow, I’m amazed And thankful  with the responses on my dumb questions,

      so I got a trek rosco 8 on order, got a tailgate pad, riding my city cruiser daily to get my legs and lungs ready. Now I’m in search of protection,

      1)what’s a good helmet? I was looking at the bontregger (spelling?) at my local shop

      2) I like riding in shorts but was thinking the Fox shin/knee sleeves for abrasion protection, good choice??

      3) Same fox elbow forearm sleeves for arms. Good choice??

      4) motocross style gloves or is there a difference with mtb gloves?


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      Those are good stuff. It’s a matter of good fitment. MTB gloves are good.

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      All the big names make good helmets- it’s a liability otherwise, fit is everything.

      Knee/elbow pads are a comfort issue also, but some stay up better than others.  This is based partly on your body makeup.  Fox or 611, once again all the big names make good products- COMFORT!

      Gloves, less is more!  If you don’t already have a pair of moto gloves sitting around, buy MTB gloves.

      Good luck and enjoy your new bike!!!

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      Another roscoe owner, love the roscoe. Anyhow protection will keep you on the bike especially if you go down and it will happen. I run a giro helmet and usually just get close to what I want thats on sale as helmets do wear. Just started running sixsixone recon 2 shin and knee. You don’t even know your wearing them. Although they are not downhill pads they do work and any protection is better than none.I typically don’t run elbows but should be and any good brand will do.  Gloves ah yes gloves. I like the handup gloves but BUT after the last wash out I put a nice deep puncher in my palm. Im gonna lean towards more of a mx style glove that’ll have more of a padded palm protection as I said you will end up on the ground. Like the above said comfort. Protection  should fit well and be easy to use

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      Good choices:

      I don’t wear elbow or knee pads but may start with knee pads shortly. Most of time I don’t need them but on a recent spill banged knees on bike as I went down and it would have been nice to have some padding.

      A lot of good brands of mtb gloves out there. I don’t care for padded palms but some prefer it. Light gloves are best.

      I have a Giro helmet and recently borrowed a POC. My Giro helmet was way more comfortable. Going to stick with that brand and it is more affordable too.

      I would suggest eyewear too. You don’t need some expensive specific pair. I use Pugs and they are cheap work well and fit well under my straps on my helmet.



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