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      go to your local bike shop!!! They are great people there that need your business and are being crushed by the internet

      Rant over (do it)


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      That’s what Small Business Saturday was all about. Did you miss it? (my LBS mechanic got an extra 12-pack from me, too 🙂 )

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        There is also a Bike Swap in GJ this Saturday 2 Dec.

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      I like the idea of subverting the whole idea of a CYBER Monday by going to a LOCAL business. Give them Saturday AND Monday, cause they need it. 🙂

      Don’t forget about Giving Tuesday tomorrow. That one is worth supporting as well. ZipHead, maybe that’s they day we should all give our local mechanics free beer.

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      You’re right, Jeff.

      I’m sure I’ve got a few growlers around here somewhere….working at a bike shop is a passion, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

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