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      I’m looking to buy my first mtb and get into the sport. I tried looking for a used bike but nothing good has come along. Recently talked to a shop that will be getting 2021 SCOTT ASPECT 940 for $700. It has definitely been super tough to see any bikes in person because of the Rona. Open to suggestions. I’m looking to ride trails. Nothing super crazy.

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      If you can come up with a bit more money, this is the bike I would recommend.

      $1250 Vitus Sentier 29 VR

      Amazing spec for the money, modern geo, great fork, 1×12 Eagle drivetrain, good rubber and brakes.  This bike is as good as many $2000+ hardtail .  Check it out at

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      Thanks for the feed back Bike Nerd. After much thought and budgeting I decided to bump up my spending amount to $1200 plus taxes. Definitely want to get something enjoyable.

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