Things to consider before doing a drop, lift, & a dirt jump..

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    If I want to start learning skills of mountain biking like  doing drop, lift and dirt jump, what are the things that i should  consider to avoid getting hurt very bad?

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    padding …. lots of padding ….

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    I would definitely consider taking a skills course from a certified mountain bike instructor.  They can help you with your form and help you practice all the little parts that go together to make drops and launches fun, and safer.

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    Start small and get used to being in the air on your bike. Don’t go charging in like I did and end up eating shit.

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    Get used to idea that sooner or later you’re gonna fall. Put protection on, lower your seat as low as possible,  start small and go bigger while your skills improve. Always check any technical feature before riding it. If in doubt, don’t do it.

    When jumping look at the landing, not at your wheel. When approaching jump, keep your elbows level. Relax your body, use your knees and elbows as shock absorbers.

    thats pretty much it.

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    All the stuff that’s been said is good stuff: low seat, pad up, relax, not stiff, look ahead not down, start small work your way up, speed is good (too slow you’ll endo over the bars). Also commit, don’t brake at the last moment.

    Highly recommend following someone who knows what there doing off a drop, this way you’ll know what speed you’ll need.


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