The verdict is in, the shock ist Kapputt

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      Well my beloved FSR XC Comp has been hit by the curse that affects all the new bikes i buy. My old stubborn one went through 3 rear rims including a torn out spoke (dont ask) in its first 4 months, the FSR seems to have a problem with the X-Fusion 02RLA.

      It always seemed a bit soft so i got a shock pump and increased the 120PSI to 140PSI seemed ok, although the red adjustment lever was always a bit of a free mover.

      It survived the required 6 week service although again rear shock was a bit soft and i was advised to keep an eye on it.

      Got home and checked the PSI was down to 122 so quick increase to 142PSI, re adjusted and i had the normal sag confirmed by that useful bit of plastic. Its done 6 miles today going to work, i hope some of you are sitting, as the route to work is on the road, all flat and smooth except for the occasional pot hole and pedestrian nothing the shock cannot handle even when locked out for use on roads.

      Well after a productive day at work (now i really hope you were sitting for that) the shock was soft and the O ring had droped about 55% which i thought was a bit excessive for the road. Again a quick check and PSI was down to 131. After a total of 6 miles on the road.

      Looks like my bike will be going to the shop for testing, which may mean i will have to (GULP) walk…. but they think there is something wrong with it.

      Maybe i can upgrade to the Fox Triad II 😃


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      Dang. I wish you luck and a speedy return of your rig.

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      Hey dacorr,that’s a drag your having a problem with your shock.I was wondering if your LBS would have a loaner shock for you so you can keep riding.When I had to send my fox fork back to fox for warrenty,my LBS always installed a loaner fork so I could keep riding.Just a thought,I guess your LBS may need your bike to make sure your shock is working.

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