The Ultimate Winter Jacket???

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      My review of the Sugoi RSX Neoshell jacket.

      Tell me what you guys think……. 😆 😆 😆 😆


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      Outstanding review! I enjoyed your thorough details concerning your field tests. Nothing beats a light jacket that breaks the wind away, and I’ve found that, "If you can beat the wind, you can beat the cold". My wife got me a North Face a few years ago that is Polartec lined. It does the job nicely, however in the end when I rip that up (which is going to happen, eventually) I’ll look into this guy. It’s nice to see the details surrounding your ride, including field conditions and such! It really gives people an insight on what to expect from this product. If it’s as good of a jacket as my Straitlines are pedals, sounds like a winner to me. Thanks so much for all your work and sharing! Nice! Take care!

      -GT 😃

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