the trans north georgia avveture

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      looking for people who have rode this and their thoughts going to ride this in October is this a good time of year . looking for any info to make this trip awesome .. this will be the longest ride of my life . so very excited and nervous .

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      If you haven’t done it already, be sure to listen to this podcast episode where we talk to two friends who completed the Trans North Georgia route.

      Must Listen: A Bikepacking Adventure in the North Georgia Mountains

      October seems like a good time to make the attempt since it should be dry and not too hot.

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      October in general would be the best month to try this route. It’s usually the driest month of the year with warm days and cool nights. I’ve never ridden the whole thing all the way through, but I have ridden just about every section of it.

      The route is no joke! Lots of tough, long climbs, and technical singletrack. I would try to keep my bike as light as possible.

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