The snow is melting in Colorado


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      At about 9000 ft. on the front range most of the snow has melted. I was able to ride Silver Creek most of th way today. There was snow twards the end of the trail but it was manageable. This means that most of the Front Range trails should be open provided we don’t get any big spring snows. Has anyone ridden Indian Creek or any of the Buffalo Creek trails yet this year? They usually don’t dry out eneough to ride until May, but with the light snowfall the Front Range has had this spring I’m hoping they will open up sooner.

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      Don’t know what I would do being snowed in. I start jonesing after a week.

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      I didn’t say I was snowed in I just said the snow was melting. It’s kind of hard to ride the trails when there is 3-4 feet of snow on them. Does anyone have worthwhile information on Indian Creek or Buffalo creek?

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      Good to hear things are melting up high.

      I’m headed to Indian Creek tomorrow. I’ll give you a trail condition report when I return.

      All the trails in the Golden/Boulder/Lyons Front Range area are in great condition.

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      "lostcause" wrote

      I didn’t say I was snowed in I just said the snow was melting. It’s kind of hard to ride the trails when there is 3-4 feet of snow on them. Does anyone have worthwhile information on Indian Creek or Buffalo creek?

      Opp’s here on the left coast we picture the movie Fargo with any thing east of Nevada 😆

      Some of my best trails are snowed in still above 3000′

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      Rode Buff. Creek last weekend. Started at CO Trail off 126, rode CO Trail to Green Mtn loop, did a loop, over to Gashouse Gulch, down Baldy to Morrison Creek back up service road to trailhead.

      Completely dry. In fact a bit powdery in places.

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      Good bye to my favrot season, but HELLO TO MY SEACOND SEASON!!!! YEAHOO!!!!! Lake Tahoe I CAN HERE YOU!

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      Indian Creek was clear. Headed to Buffalo Creek today. I’ll probably take a slightly different loop than Senor did to hit my favorite trail–Sandy Wash.

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      Great ! Thanks for the info. Looks like Indin Creek this week. Then2 days at Buffalo Creek May5-6. I’m going to do an overnight trip. I plan to ride the trails on the Pine Valley side as well as the trails arround the Colorado trail. Does anyone know of any free camping spots some where in the middle? Is camping allowed in the NF here or just in designated places? Sandy Wash is a great trail it’s even better if you ride Charlie’s Cutoff to Sandy Wash

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      One thing to keep in mind about Buffalo Creek is about 7500′ in elevation, so it is hard to call it “high country”. Also, the front range got very little snow this winter, so there isn’t much snow to melt. I usually assume the weather will be very similar to what I see north of Colorado Springs, like the Monument area. Monument is dry.

      I went up to Buffalo Creek today and it was like summer-time; temps in the mid 70s, everything bone dry (and I mean dry, like drop a match and the whole place will go up in flames — that doesn’t bode well for the coming fire season). I parked at the BLM Work Center in Buffalo Creek, and the parking lot was packed, so lots of people are out enjoying the trails. I spotted a small patch of ice deep in a gulch at the top of Sandy Wash and that was the only evidence of winter that I saw all day.

      There are lots of free camping pullouts on FR550 and this time of year you probably won’t have to search a lot to claim one. I didn’t drive up the road to see, but I suspect the pay camping isn’t open yet. I’m not sure about the regulations, but I believe that you are only allowed to camp in designated camping areas.

      Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Pine Valley side. I prefer to park in Buffalo Creek and ride up the road. I love almost all the trails in the valley; I don’t care a lot for the Tramway trail (it is a boring straight run), but who cares; it is less than two miles out of about 40 (maybe more). You won’t be disappointed. You will be tired; there is a lot of riding up there.

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      Rode up to Pavillion Point[10,000 ft.] today. Only a few patches of snow remain on the single track portion of ArgImage
      entine Pass.[/url]

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      Well I tkink I kind of screwed that up. Those were some photos of todays ride. Ran into this guy who is putting on a local race. Sounds kind of cool.A 5 mile XC run, 20 mile MTB and 12 mile class 3 and 4 paddle The MTB portion is fom Loveland Valley to Dumont using the B.L.T. and Silver Creek trails. sounds kind of weird, a 12 mile downhill start mostly doubletrack , pavement and bike path race through the streets of Georgetown to a narrow tecnical single track [no room to pass for 5 miles] then down to Dumont. There are some dangerous spots and should be some carnage I added it to the events page if anyone wants to check it out. Or go to

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      Anyone tried to ride Kenosha Pass yet? Or any other High Country rides?Yesterdey I rode Bakerville to Loveland Valley Trail. Still lots of snow in the trees. It’s going to be at least another month before it melts. Just curious to see how much snow is elsewhere. Image

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      Made it over to Summit County yesterday.Lots of snow up high. The’re still skiing at A-Basin. Looks like the Ten mile Range still has plenty of snow. I rode Summit Cove. I saw only a couple patches of snow. The trail was mostly dry with a few muddy sections.Most of the lower valley trails should be free of snow now. Here are a few photos.Image

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      *as I am looking at a skiier walking away from the mountain for the season*

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      Well,yesterday did my first ride above timberline.Still some deep drifts and lots of deep snow [6+FT.!] in some of the trees. Just checked the Crest report Looks like some snow, but rideable.[img][img][/img][url]]

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