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      I might be the only one, but I am VERY excited with the new lineup that Giant has on their website. I have always felt like I wanted a Trance 29er, but I have short legs and honestly, I don’t need that much travel. But I didn’t like the super responsive handling of the Anthem, I just don’t ride that way or don’t feel comfortable to ride that way.

      For me, the new Anthem SX (just a plain aluminum bike) with the Maestro suspension and a more slack head angle. Its perfect. I’m not a racer, but I do race. I’m not a downhill lover, but I do go take a shuttle once or twice a year.

      It might be perfect for me, and its within my budget and it is specified out pretty well.

      Just sharing my excitement! 😄

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      I’m sad. I wanted to get the Lust 2 or maybe intrigue 2014. Love the blue. It sold out. Not too fond of 2015 colors. Too much black or white

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      i like the trance 29

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      I have a 2014 Lust Advanced 2 and love it. I might pick up a 2015 Avail this year to replace my Giant OCR 1 road bike.

      I think it’s great that Giant is committed to 27.5 and I love their Liv line of bikes.

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