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      This is not a play on the [i:3fd96a02]angry single speeder[/i:3fd96a02]. Why would you think that? … lti-biker/


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      A very tired and misguided complaint. Mountain biking is not at risk of losing riders because of the existence of $10k bikes, just like the automotive industry is not in danger because of the existence of a $4m Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Anyone can go and buy a sub-$600 bike and have fun on the trails.

      Can you buy a $10k bike? Yes. Do you need the benefits that the $10k bike brings? If you’re like most of us, you need a $10k bike about as bad as this guy needed a Bugatti Veyron.

      It’s going to come as a great shock to some, but companies are for-profit entities and the more stuff they sell at a greater cost, the happier the stock holders are. If they can find someone willing to part with 5 figures for a bicycle, then I say more power to them.

      Everyone knows not to use the media(MBA, Dirt Rag, etc.) as a guide on what to buy. They make a living by pushing the stuff for the manufacturers, via ads and ads that look somewhat like reviews. Most people’s entry into biking will be through online forums like this one, where nobody is suggesting a $10k bike or the LBS, where the bikes presented will be based on the purchaser’s stated budget.

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      Once again spot on Json. If someone wants to drop $10,000 on a bike, great and I would love to take a ride with them. If someone wants to drop $600 on a bike, great and I would love to take a ride with them. You are so right that entry level persons are going to get their info from forums and LBS. My first bike was a Gary Fisher Tassajera 10 years ago and was a $600 bike and I had so much fun on it. Entry level bikes today are lighter and more advanced than that bike but does it mean I had less fun on it? No, of course not. I was just speaking to someone a few weeks ago that did not have much money but wanted to get into the sport but did not think he could afford a "quality bike." He thought he had to spend like $2000 and I hate it when that happens because that mentality keeps people from riding.

      Regarding bike reviews, I personally like to see bike reviews with an SLX or X7 components than XTR. I understand why the companies test out the higher end bikes and give them the publicity. I just fail to be impressed by them. I’ll stick with the middle of the road and below…like my intelligence! 😕

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      Here’s a great article that I found on Bike Mag a few weeks ago: … -kick-ass/

      It discusses why mountain bikes are so expensive these days, and it also talks about diminishing returns or your investment, and a number of other factors. All in all, I found this to be a very well-rounded and insightful article.

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      A great article for sure, but can be simplified even further than "economy of scale" and "It’s a lot of work for a Chinese person to layer carbon fiber". The bikes are priced high because enough people are willing to pay that price. If more people were saying no to the exorbitant cost of high end rigs, the price would drop until people started purchasing again.

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