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      My trusty bike has developed some "creaks" in the front end somewhere. I’ve tightened and oiled etc… parts up front. It seems it’s coming from the head tube somewhere? Suggestions?

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      Have you inspected, cleaned and relubed the stem, steering tube, handlebar, and headset? Sometimes they get a small crack that you don’t see unless you take them apart and other times they will get dirt and sand in between joints that can make a lot of racket. I would also do a VERY careful inspection of the joints of your frame near the headtube. Sometimes the only sign you’ll see of a frame issue is a thin crack in the paint job. Hopefully it’s not frame related. Good luck.

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      Check the seat post and Bottom bracket as well. Sometimes the sound can be heard up front.

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      My new mantra….Torque wrench!!
      Loosen the bolts on your stem, handlebar and headset then re-torq to spec.
      I’ve chased similar sounds and this resolves them. Don’t over tighten as that may make it worse if not actually create a failure point on the bike, more true with carbon.
      You can use this approach when you get clicks/creaks from your seat rails-seat post clamp as well as your chainrings.
      Hope you find that your creaks aren’t a result of frame or component failure.

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      The "torque wrench" idea is a great one that I have not thought about before. However, I took the stem and the seat post apart, cleaned them and used my favorite tool of all time….WD 40. The creak is gone. It was in the seat post as far as I can tell. I ride quite often, and wash the bike regularly. The seat post had a lot of crud mixed with grease. All cleaned off; all creaks gone! Thanks for the roadmaps.

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