The future of backpacking is a fat bike wheel

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      I got an email titled “The future of backpacking – The Monowalker” and I found it interesting for a couple reasons. First, it’s a sled that uses a fat bike wheel and disc brakes and looks pretty dang burly.

      But then I had another thought: it would be illegal to hike with this contraption in a wilderness area. So that means you couldn’t thru hike the AT with one. How ridiculous is that?

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      Haha yeah, the future of backpacking, but not on National Scenic trails like the AT, in Wilderness Areas, or most National Park trails in the US–basically all the places you’d want to backpack. It’s worth noting that, based on the info in the email, this company is from Germany. So maybe the title should read, “the future of backpacking–every besides the United States, since their laws banning human-powered wheeled vehicles on trails are so backwards.”

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