The Chutes in COS is finally getting one-way status!

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      The Chutes is easily one of the most fun descents in the Colorado Springs area, and it’s finally being designated a one-way trail!

      So, does anyone know the best way to get up to the top? I want to ride laps!

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      Chamberlain trail is the current preferred route up.

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        How long is the round trip?

        Even 15+ years ago, everyone (including hikers) seemed to agree the trail needed to be one-way. Guess that stuff takes time. 🙂

        Also interesting to note the trail is now MTB only from my understanding, which is one of the few in Colorado right now.

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      Never timed it. Not my thing. I know there are a lot of guys who do it a lot faster than me. 🙂 It is about 1.25 miles in length. None of it takes too long. And yes, it should have been made a one-way trail years ago … and bike only.  Good decision. Better late than never.

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      I just read that the master plan for North Cheyenne Canyon, is not only recommending that The Chutes be DH only, but they will also select a route down to the Ridgeway Trailhead that will be DH only, so will give us a relatively safe run all the way to the trailhead.  They are also recommending that Captain Morgan be DH only, but that seems relatively inconsequential.  That trail is so steep and technical, I don’t know anyone who tries to ride up it.  Maybe some hike it, but again they are far and few between.

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